To Lose Weight

Information on exercise and diet required to lose weight safely

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Dorra Slim, Singapore - non-surgical weight loss treatment, technique used
London weight management, singapore - non-surgical weight loss treatment, technique used
Liposuction - surgical removal of fat, risks, death

Design your own weight loss plan      Discuss your weight loss plan

To lose weight safely , the energy/calories used by the body should be more than energy provided by the food eaten

How calories are used by the body

Calorie calculations for weight loss

Metabolism - calories used in daily activities

Increase metabolic rate

Why weight fluctuates



Losing weight by walking

Losing weight using a skipping rope

Exercises to lose fat

Lose fat around the stomach

Building muscles to increase metabolic rate



Food & Diet

Weight loss diet

Drinking water to lose weight


Calorie count of packaged food products

South Beach diet


Health aspects

Why losing weight is important

Side effects of weight loss pills

Hoodia pills

How to gain weight


Ask a question about weight loss

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