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In India most food products manufactured by small scale manufacturers do not have nutrition data. Actual calories may vary according to the amount  of oil, cheese and butter used for cooking.  You can use the calorie count to decide which food to eat if you are on a diet. Calorie count for packaged food

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Calorie counts for some cooked foods are as follows

Category Description /brand/weight KCal per 100 g unless specified
Snacks Batata wada 320
  Samosa 312
  Medu Vada 260
  Idli Sambhar 290
  Vegetable Sandwich 259
  Sada Dosa 155
  Masala Dosa 283
  Pav Bhaji 600
  Chinese noodles 395
  Sev puri 400
  Upma 166
  Poha 145
  Vegetable cutlets 320
  Sheera 280
  Ragda pattice 450
  Chhole Bhature 410
  French fries 300
  Burgers 500
Sweets Gulab Jamun (single piece) 320

Calorie counts of more products will be added regularly.

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