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Since being overweight affects your health , you should try to reduce your weight at the earliest. There are many  products, dieting programs, surgical procedures, exercising equipments launched for weight reduction. Since there are a number of  resources makes it difficult for the consumer to make a  choice best suited for him/her.

The cost factor also comes into play as most of the products or programs are expensive and beyond the reach of common man. Also, important is the fact that one can remain fit with minimal resources, one just needs to be aware of the main principles for losing weight. These principles, if followed, effectively can lead to not only a sustained lowering of weight till the ideal weight is reached, but will also lead to a healthy life style.

It is not hard to remain slim and fit.  The most important factor one needs is willpower, everything else will follow.

For losing weight, the ideal way there are certain principles which need to be kept in mind.
These are -
1.body mass index
2.ideal weight for height
3.the right and healthy diet
4.exercises for the body
5.healthy mindset and psychological benefits of exercise

Each of these are equally important

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