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In India most food products manufactured by small scale manufacturers do not have nutrition data. However  food manufactured for the foreign market and by MNCs like Nestle carry the calorie count on the packaging. Most of the calorie count is specified per 100ml or 100 g of the product. You can use the calorie count to decide which food to eat if you are on a diet. Calorie count for cooked food (non -packaged)

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Calorie counts for some packaged foods are as follows

Category Description /brand/weight KCal per 100 g unless specified
Biscuits Britannia Good Day butter biscuits 504
  Britannia Good Day cashew biscuits 505
  Britannia Tiger Cream biscuits 474
  Britannia 50 50 Pepper Chakkar 497
  Britannia Marie Gold 443
  Baker street Maska Khari Biscuits (serving size 25 g) 130
  Britannia Little Hearts (Classic) 477
  Britannia Marie Gold Doubles - Orange Chocolate Dippers 432
  Sunfeast Marie Light 442
  Britannia Treat Duet - Strawberry and Vanilla Ole Cream 498
  Britannia Treat Duet - Chocolate and Orange Ole Cream 494
  Sunfeast sweet' n salt 485.5
  Britannia Time Pass 469
Noodles Nestle Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles 441.5
  Nestle Maggi Dal Atta Noodles 441
  Nestle Maggi 2 minute Noodles (masala) 435
  Nissin Top Ramen Smoodles Masala (80 g - calories per serving specified) 369
Ready to eat Kohinoor Punjabi Kadhi Pakora (Heat & Eat) 133
  Kohinoor Kashmiri Rajma (Heat & Eat) 165
  Kohinoor Awadhi Aloo Mutter (Heat & Eat) 106
  Kohinoor Pindi Chana Masala (Heat & Eat) 179
  Kohinoor Gajar Halwa (Heat & Eat) 273
  Kohinoor Amritsari Chole  (Heat & Eat) 170
  Kohinoor Achari Mushroom  (Heat & Eat) 54
  Kohinoor Mutter Paneer with Steamed Basmati Rice (Microwaveable tray - 350g ) 634
  Kohinoor Mughlai Kofta Curry with Peas Paneer (Microwaveable tray - 350g ) 564
  Kohinoor Paneer Tikka Masala (150g) and  Dal Palak (200g) (Microwaveable tray) 270+214
  Kohinoor Paneer Makhani with Steamed Basmati Rice (Microwaveable tray - 350g ) 639
  Kohinoor Chilli Paneer (200 g) and  Vegetable Manchurian (150g) (Microwaveable tray) 210+136
  Aashirwad Ready Meals - Rajma Masala(142.5g - calories per serving specified) 220.6
  Aashirwad Ready Meals - Aloo Mutter(142.5g - calories per serving specified) 159
  MTR Ready to Eat - Veg Kurma ( 140g - calories per serving specified) 130
  MTR Ready to Eat - Pav  Bhaji ( 140g - calories per serving specified) 130
Snacks Haldiram Panchratan Mixture  580
  LaxmiNarayan Chiwda from Pune 609
Garden Roasted nylon chivda (serving size - 28g) 131
  Garden Diet chivda (serving size - 28g) 167
  Zantye's Cashew Nuts 611
  Haldiram's Soan Papdi 509.87
Beverages, fruit juice Amul Kool - sterilized homogenized flavored toned milk,  serving size 200 ml, energy per serving 184
  Leh Berry mixed fruit sea buckthorn nectar (per 100 ml) 65
  Leh Berry mango fruit sea buckthorn nectar (per 100 ml) 60
  Safal Mixed Fruit Juice (per 250 ml) 145.25
  Safal Mango Nectar (per 250 ml) 150
  B Natural Premium Mixed fruit (per 100 ml) 56
  B Natural Premium Pink Guava (per 100 ml) 56

Calorie counts of more products will be added regularly.

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