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Nutrition data is usually specified in terms of calories. Scientifically, a calorie is a unit of measure of the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Centigrade. Since this amount of energy is very small , for  food , nutrition and exercise calculations,  energy  is measured in terms of  kiloCalories (kCal). One kiloCalorie = 1000 calories. It has become a common practice to drop the k in  kCal in United States. For example, the nutrition data on a food packet may indicate 350 calories, but is more accurately 350 Kcalories. In India, calories are specified in kCal . Calorie count of packaged food products

Calories are a measure of  the energy used by the human body to do any type of work. The energy contained in the food we eat is also specified in terms of calories. When the food we eat is not used by the body to generate energy, the excess food is stored in the body as fat.

We lose weight when we burn more calories than the food we eat.  We gain weight when we eat more calories than we use for our daily activities. Calories used by the human body for daily activities. To  lose a kilogram of fat stored in your body, you have to use up approximately 7800 calories. This means that the energy used up by your body should be approximately 1000 calories more than the food consumed for  8 days.  This is the maximum rate of weight loss which is considered healthy. 

If  you lose more than  a kilogram in weight a week, you are likely to lose muscle tissue along with fat. Muscle is metabolically active and  burns calories. If  you lose muscle tissue, the metabolic rate of your body will decline. This will reduce the rate at which you burn calories and you will lose weight at a slower rate. Even after you stop your diet, your metabolic rate will have reduced and you will start gaining weight at a faster rate.

The safest way to lose weight is reduce weight gradually, by combining a scientific diet with suitable exercise like walking .

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