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Fat is easily created and stored in the body, but is difficult to lose. This is because for most activities the human body will first use up carbohydrates which are stored in the form of glycogen and muscle tissue before using up fat. Exercising is the best way to  burn fat and stay healthy. For long term fat loss, the exercise program should  consist of  a combination of  weight training and aerobic exercises.

For a fat loss program, weight training exercises should be done first so that the carbohydrates and glycogen in the body are used up. This also forces the body to conserve and build muscle.  After weight training,  you should do aerobic exercises.

"Aerobic" refers to how energy is generated by the body. During aerobic exercises, oxygen is used by the body to generate energy. If  the body fat is to burn completely, sufficient amount of oxygen has to be supplied to the muscles. Aerobic exercises are of  low to moderate intensity but of a long duration.  Walking at a brisk pace, climbing stairs, dancing , jogging are aerobic activities. Since the carbohydrates and glycogen in the body are already used up during weight training, the body starts burning fat during aerobic exercises.

However, the exercise program for fat loss should also consider the fitness level of the person. It is not advisable for an overweight person, who has a sedentary lifestyle to immediately start with weight training exercises or other anaerobic exercises as they may result in injury. The person should first build up fitness levels by doing low intensity activities like walking and only then start building muscle.

The timing of  your exercises also affects weight loss. By exercises in the morning as soon as you get up, you lose 3 times more fat than at any time during the day.  The carbohydrates generated in the body are used for metabolism while you are asleep and when you exercise in the morning, there are no carbohydrates left in the body. The body is forced to use fat for generating energy during exercises. Exercising in the morning also increases the metabolic rate of the body through out the day. By eating a healthy breakfast, you can ensure that your metabolic rate does not decrease.

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