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Most people spend a lot of  time and money trying to lose weight,  but life is equally problematic for a underweight person. The bones of  an underweight person may not be strong enough. There are fewer reserves of  fat stored in the body which can be used during starvation. A very thin person is also likely to feel tired faster. Some people who are thin may be healthy, because the food they eat has just enough calories for their daily energy requirements.

Many teenagers are very thin, but they put on weight automatically as they grow older. This is because teenagers have a very high metabolic rate and burn calories fast. So teenagers should not try to put on weight by eating fatty food, since it is difficult to lose this fat later. A person should try to gain weight slowly, usually at the rate of  a kg  a month, to avoid adverse effects on the body.


To can gain weight, you should increase the number of calories in your daily diet by about 300 calories. These extra calories should be part of a balanced diet. By eating French fries and other oily food, you may increase your weight but you will also have other health problems like extra cholesterol. Have larger size helpings of  food at meals and keep nutritious snacks readily available.  Protein are required for building muscles, so having high protein food like eggs, milk,  peanut butter, protein shakes will help. Starchy foods contain a lot of carbohydrates. Also increase your water intake.


Weight training helps a person build muscles and increase body weight. However, resistance training should be done only under the supervision of  a qualified fitness trainer. Exercise will also prevent fat accumulation around the stomach.  If  you are a very active person, you should learn to relax,  which will slow down your metabolic rate. Increasing the number of hours you sleep will also help.

The safest way to gain weight is to increase weight gradually, by monitoring the calorie intake and calories burnt during daily activities  .

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