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Jumping with a skipping rope is one of the cheapest exercises which burns a lot of calories. It is considered an anaerobic exercise and carbohydrates are used up.  Fat is  not used up directly but the metabolic rate of the body is increased . This increases the number of calories used even when the person is not exercising.

A heavier plastic rope is better than a cloth rope which may get distorted  but can be painful if you stumble on the rope while skipping. Some companies sell a cordless jump rope, which simulates the rope and the problem of  stumbling on the rope is eliminated. Proper shoes and wooden flooring or an impact mat should be used to prevent injuries .  A small area of  about  2 and half square meters is usually  sufficient for skipping. 

While jumping,  the weight of the body should be rested on the toes. Ideally, a person should not jump more than one inch above the surface off  the surface of  the floor. If done properly, skipping is low impact compared to jogging. Initially, a person should do 20 to 30 jumps at a time and gradually increase the number of  jumps done at a time. Most exercise programs recommend skipping for a maximum duration of  10 minutes  a few times a week.

Compared to other exercises, skipping is easy to learn, since most persons have done some skipping in their childhood. It improves body co-ordination and agility. It also improves endurance levels and strengthens bones. Jumping with a skipping rope improves cardiovascular fitness and helping in toning muscles. However, it could cause injury if not done properly by overweight people.  Medical advice is recommended for unfit persons, before exercising using a skipping rope.

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