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The South Beach Diet was developed  by a US based cardiologist Arthur Agatston . It restricts the consumption of carbohydrates, especially carbohydrates from processed foods like bread and white bread. While it is healthier than the Atkins diet, it also has some limitations. It restricts consumption of  saturated fats found in fried food and encourages use of unsaturated fats containing omega oil. It allows regular meals and snacks.

 There are 3 phases in the South Beach diet. In the first phase called the induction phase, which lasts for a fortnight, there are many restrictions on diet and they should be strictly followed if the diet is to be effective.  The consumption of  carbohydrates from processed food and other sources which are digested quickly by the body and converted into glucose is restricted. A dieter is not allowed to eat  potatoes, fruit, bread, cereals, rice, pasta , beets, carrots and corn  for  the first  2 weeks. Since no carbohydrates are available, the body uses the stored fat for its energy requirement. Many dieters lose 8 to 13 pounds in these first phase..

In the second phase of  the diet,  grain foods and fruits, can be eaten, but in much smaller amounts. Dieters lose 1-2 pounds a week. This will continue till the desired body weight is attained. In Phase III of the diet , which continues for the life of the dieter,  multiple servings of grain foods and  fruits are allowed. Normal portions are allowed, but should be eaten only when required. Unprocessed carbohydrate foods, which are high in fiber can be eaten. Calories need not be counted, and a dieter can have up to 6 meals a day. 

Many dieters lose a lot of weight in the induction phase, but this may be due to loss of  water.  The water loss can affect the electrolyte balance in the body. It is difficult for a person who eats carbohydrates regularly to follow this diet. The South Beach diet is also expensive and implementation is time consuming. Many dieters regain weight in the second phase, due to allergies to the foods reintroduced into their diet.

If  you care for your long term health,  design your own weight loss plan  and stick to it. There are no short cuts to permanent weight loss! 

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