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Treadmills are widely used sports equipment used to exercise indoors. They allow the user to run or walk without actually moving any distance. Though expensive treadmills, they are used in cities where they are few parks and high pollution due to vehicular emission.

Most treadmills consists of  a electric motor, flywheel frame, rollers, belt and other accessories.  The electric motor converts electrical energy to mechanical power and their continuous power rating varies between 1.5 HP to 3 HP. Treadmills with lower power ratings may be cheaper, but they may have to be replaced more quickly due to overheating. The power generated by the motor is used to drive the belt through the rollers and flywheel frame. The belt size varies, but a larger belt is recommended for safety reasons. A user interface allows setting of  speed, gradient and other variables


Compared to walking , exercising on a treadmill has a few advantages

1. The calories used up while walking or running on the treadmill can be calculated exactly, since speed of  running  and gradient of the treadmill are known.

2. Many people who work in offices do not have sufficient time to exercise at a gym. They can exercise on a treadmill while they are watching television, reading or talking.

3. People may not be able to go walking outside due to rains, snow or other adverse weather conditions

4. Most treadmills contain shock absorbers to reduce impact injuries on the ankles, knees and lower back.


Disadvantages of  using treadmills

1. Treadmills can be expensive and most quality treadmills cost more than US$1000. They also use up electricity.

2. May cause injury if not selected properly. Some users may feel disoriented for some time after they step off the treadmill after exercising on it the first few times.

3. They can take up a lot of  space, especially in small houses. Some models are very noisy.

4.  Many treadmill users get bored after some time, since it is very repetitive. This can be offset by changing the treadmill program.

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