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Many times, the body weight as measured by the weighing scales can show sudden increases or decreases, which seems totally unrelated to your weight loss plan. This can be due to many factors :  (1 kg = 2.2 pounds (lb))

1. Clothes can add  up to 3 kg to your weight, depending on the type of  clothes. Weighing yourself wearing shoes or footwear will add about 1 kg depending on the type of  footwear.

2. Drinking a 1 litre bottle of water, juice, soft drink or any other liquid can add 1 kg to your weight.


3. While doing a  vigorous workout involving aerobic exercises or jogging for an hour, you sweat a lot and use up glycogen. Your body weight will drop drastically by more than 2 kg for some time.


4. Alcoholic drinks cause a decrease in body weight by about 2 kg, since it depletes the body of water.


5. High fiber foods can cause a short term weight increase, if eaten immediately after  a meal


6. Low carbohydrate diets will result in a weight loss of more than 1 kg in a single day. The body uses up the glycogen stored in the muscles and uses up water stored in the body. In contrast, a high carbohydrate diet will cause more water retention. If you lose more than 1 kg in a day, it is due to loss of water.


7. If  you have a cold , the body loses fluids as it fights the virus. The body gets dehydrated and you lose weight.


8. Eating salty food can add more than 2 kg to your body weight. The body retains extra water to dilute the sodium chloride in the salt.  Drinking more water will remove the excess salt and water from the body.


9.  Drinking extra cups of coffee, can reduce your weight by nearly 1 kg.

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