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Many people go on diet to lose weight but few are able to maintain their reduced weight. If you understand how health professionals formulate a weight loss plan and design your weight loss plan yourself,  you fill find it much easier to lose weight safely. You are also more likely to maintain your reduced weight  by controlling your diet.

First,  find out your current weight using a weighing scale. While monitoring your weight, you should weigh yourself the same time everyday,  and wear similar clothes. This will help you get consistent readings

Find out  the ideal weight for your  height, age and gender

Ideal weight according to medical recommendation

The difference between  your current weight and the ideal weight is weight you wish to lose. The maximum weight that can be lost safely by a person is 1-2 kg a week. Any faster weight loss could adversely affect your health, and you could regain it quickly after you stop the weight loss program.


Calculate your energy requirement according to your daily schedule (A)

Basal Metabolic Rate, Active Metabolic rate, Total Energy Requirement calculator

For conversion from metric units, 1 kg = 2.2 lb (pounds), 1 inch = 2.54 cm (0.0254 m)

Calculate the calories burned during exercise, it depends on the exercise time and your weight

Exercise calorie calculator


Calculate the nutrition value/calories in the  food you eat (B)

Food calorie counter from Nutritiondata

Calorie count for packaged Indian food products

You can only lose weight if the calories in the food you eat are less than calories consumed during daily activities. To  lose a kilogram of fat in a week, you have to use up approximately 7800 calories extra in a week or 1100 calories extra per day. If  your daily calorie consumption is high  - more than 3000 calories, you can reduce the food intake to lose weight.  However, if you do not eat much, reducing the daily calorie intake to less than 1200 calories could harm your body  and lower your metabolic rate.

You have to increase your energy requirement by increasing the active metabolic rate. If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, just by walking for an additional hour a day, you can lose about 300 calories extra a day or about a kilogram a month. Even standing by standing instead of  sitting , you burn almost twice the number of calories per hour.  By formulating your own weight loss plan, you can decide how fast and how much weight you wish to lose without any adverse side effects.

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