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Being overweight (obese)
-ranks second in the list of preventable deaths killing about 500,000 people every year ?
-That 200 million people go in for dieting each year and 95% abandon it midway.

You might say that's interesting because the weight loss industry is a booming business raking more than 40 billion dollars per annum only in the US of A. Obesity - one of the problems of the modern affluent world is on the rise claiming its victims regardless of age or creed.

It is a common knowledge that it causes heart attacks but more than that it spews its venom in the form of many diseases. It affects various organs and cripples them. These are-
Heart- Ischemic heart disease or more commonly known as heart attacks
Blood vessels- hypertension /blood pressure, Varicose veins, even gangrene due to atherosclerosis.
Pancreas- Diabetes Mellitus
Gall Bladder- Gall stones
Brain- slow reflexes, psychological problems like depression and low self esteem
Reproductive system- lowered fertility, menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances.
Joints- joint pain and arthritis

It is even said that that obese people are more prone to accidents- vehicular or otherwise.
Not only this, risk of certain cancers increase by 75% for obese people.
These are- Cancer of colon
Cancer of prostate
Cancer of breast
Cancer of stomach.
However all these problems can be solved by losing weight  
How to lose weight

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