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Hoodia gordonii is a leafless succulent  plant which looks like a cactus. It was originally found in the plains and rocky areas of the  Kalahari desert in South Africa.  It is also known as Hoodia cactus or the South African desert cactus. The plants are about 1 m high and are a protected plant species.


Hoodia contains a previously  unknown molecule called P57 which suppresses the appetite and is a mood enhancer. 

When you eat food, the glucose sugar level in your blood rises . The nerve cells in the brain detect the increase in the blood sugar levels and you feel full.  The P57 molecule is 10,000 times more active than blood sugar . When the P57 molecule in hoodia enters the bloodstream, the  nerve cells in brain fire as if the blood sugar levels have increased, so a person feels full. By eating a small piece of  hoodia (as long as a person's hand), people have reported reduced or no appetite for upto 24 hours.


By having Hoodia pills alone, you will not lose weight permanently and may suffer from side effects, since your body still needs proteins and vitamins for daily activities. If you are constantly hungry and eating a lot, hoodia will reduce your appetite. It is still important to have a balanced diet containing all essential nutrients.


The pharmaceutical company Pfizer stopped development of  a supplement using hoodia ingredients since there were indications thatHoodia may cause liver damage. Most hoodia pills marketed on the internet do not contain any Hoodia. Only  products from South Africa contain hoodia . It is important to check for the import certificate of the company, if you are purchasing hoodia pills on the internet from a website.

The safest way to lose weight is reduce weight gradually, by monitoring the calorie intake andcalories burnt during daily activities and suitable exercise likewalking .

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