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Adequate water consumption is important for any healthy weight loss program. More than 70% of  the human body is water.  The recommended intake of water for adult human is  2-3 liters per day, about 8 glasses . Unlike diet pills and other ways to lose weight, water is free and widely available. When weight is lost quickly, it is usually due to loss of  water. This weight can be regained quickly,  Water is important for a variety of  critical  body functions such as

Water directly affects the rate of weight loss by

By drinking ice cold water, you can increase the calories burnt by the body by a small amount, since the body has to use up energy to increase the temperature of  the water. If you exercise but do not drink sufficient water, the weight loss will be much lower. Water retention may be due to excess sodium in the diet.

The safest way to lose weight is reduce weight gradually, by monitoring the calorie intake and calories burnt during daily activities and suitable exercise like walking .

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